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Delivery to your Doorstep!

You saw that correctly. With us, you can be assured that your delivery would reach you in three working days. Not only to reach you, but get to your doorstep. We have one of the best stashes of mushrooms and other products in Canada ranging from candies to chocolate to mushroom tea to dried magic mushrooms.

Soon, we’d launch our micro dose line of shroom that will have 200mg capsules mixed alongside cordyceps, ginseng, and lion mane. Shroom Mart remains your best plug for all forms of mushrooms and similar products around these parts!

Why are Magic Mushrooms purchased in 🇨🇦 Canada?

If you’re aiming for a magic mushroom microdose journey or you’re gunning for that a larger dose, be sure to always seek your friends’ counsel. Also, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. A very important thing to note is never to share shrooms with minors nor drive under its influence.

What’s beautiful about Magic Mushrooms?

They have been used for several years by doctors, spiritualists and many people across the world. Since they are organic, they can be seen all over the world. These fungi give humans the ability to increase their openness to novel experiences and ideas and connect in ways they haven’t done before. The therapeutic feeling of using magic mushrooms has given many a positive experience, even those who felt terrible at first. Micro doses of mushrooms have also been more popular since it’s give people the right to get tiny effects of the shrooms without being high

What began out of a mere passion to sell Magic Mushrooms has grown to become the number one place to purchase mushrooms around Canada.

Its growth has been in leaps and bounds with friends sharing it among themselves. This has led us to start an online store for our Canadian Audience.

Shroom Mart offers a large range of Magic Mushrooms products for our customers. From Microdose shroom capsules to magic Mushrooms chocolates to magic mushroom gummies to dried magic mushrooms, we have it all in-store and fully stocked up. Our most popular products however remain the Penis Envy and Golden Teachers. Looking forward to seeing you visit us to get the best of the best magic mushrooms in Canada!

Reviews from our satisfied customers

Within the blink of an eye, there were at my door! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m a new customer who ordered for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it arrived in only 2 days via mail! Though I’ve not used them, one look at them and you can see they are amazing. They even gave me the tracking information throughout the Canadian post so you know where exactly your package is. I recommend this.

I nearly gave them a bad review to stop the influx of customers but even if I do, they cannot be stopped? Why? Because their services remain unbeatable and cannot be topped. Take it from someone who has looked through several other similar dispensaries. The best part about them is their customer service. Full 100 per cent in that regard. To say good is to belittle their product because they are the best!

How It Works

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First, you have to create an account. To do so, you have to be 19 years or older. The process of account creation is less than 30 seconds in total. If you need any kind of help at all, please send us an email and we’d be too glad to help you, promptly on weekdays.

  1. Place your order

Visit our online dispensary and make your choice from our wide range of shrooms available at your disposal. Payments can equally be made online by E-transfers on Interac or by cryptocurrency BTC

  1. Time to Enjoy magic mushrooms

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your magic shrooms! Remember that discretion is our forte and so we ship discreetly too within 1-3 working days. All orders that are made and paid for before 11 am will be shipped on the same day! Enjoy!